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Marvin Romanow

Marvin Romanow was born on August 7, 1955 in Canora, Saskatchewan. In school, subjects such as math and physics came naturally to him. With the encouragement of his teachers, Marvin decided to pursue his Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan.


Marvin completed his Bachelor of Engineering in 1977. Marvin was offered a position with Norcen Energy as a drilling engineer. During his brief stint at Norcen, Marvin learned to communicate in the ‘language’ of drilling engineers, drilling superintendents, tool pushers, floor hands, and field operators, a talent that facilitated driving technical excellence later in career.


In an effort to distinguish himself from other field engineers, Marvin decided to go back to school. He earned his MBA from the University of Saskatchewan in 1980 and studied Program for Management Development and General Management at Harvard and Insead, in France. Although these programs were very intensive academically, Marvin credits his fellow executive classmates for contributing to the better part of his learning. Innovation occurs in the workplace and Marvin was happy to take away ideas and experiences from other classmates.


In the early 90s, Marvin took his first Saskatchewan-based job at Wascana Energy in Regina. Compared to Calgary, Marvin was surprised at the significant presence of Crown Corporations in Regina. During his time at Wascana Energy, he drove value from $6/share to $20/share in three years, he mentored former crown employees on requisite personal and performance transformation, with a 60% success rate and he headed negotiations that delivered an improved bid (25% increase over hostile offer) from a white knight (Nexen) and was chosen as VP Finance for Nexen (four times the size of Wascana) over numerous internal (to Nexen) candidates – just to name a few. Previous to this, Mr. Romanow was promoted to Finance Manager at Dome Petroleum after having distinguished himself in the roles of Reservoir, Exploitation and Project Engineer. At Dome he worked extensively on restructuring over $8.0 Bn of debt in one of the largest recapitalizations, sale and restructurings to that date in Canadian business history. Mr. Romanow most recently led Nexen Inc. as President and CEO, where he had also previously served in the roles of EVP, CFO and VP Finance. In leading Nexen through collaboration and influence, Marvin structured three joint ventures with Asian interests, bringing over $3.0 Bn of investment to Nexen’s business. The relationship with one of the joint venture partners led to a friendly bid for Nexen at a 60% premium to the existing share price. It is no surprise Marvin was recognized as Canada’s “CFO of the Year” in 2007.


Marvin is characterized as a thoughtful, driven and clear-headed leader who tackles complex challenges in the Oil & Gas sector. He courageously restructures balance sheets, leadership teams and asset portfolios to capture remarkable economic gain. Marvin’s unique combination of technical engineering and senior financial leadership experience, coupled with his deep insights into economic drivers, make him a natural candidate for advice, innovation and execution….and for induction into the Saskatchewan Oil Patch Hall of Fame. Congratulations Marvin.

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Murray Edwards

N. Murray Edwards was born in 1959 and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan where he completed his primary and high school education. He graduated in 1981 from the University of Saskatchewan, where he earned a Bachelor of Commerce with Great Distinction, and was awarded at his convocation the President’s Medal as most distinguished graduate receiving a first degree and also the Xerox Canada prize as most distinguished graduate from the College of Commerce. He then entered the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto and graduated in 1983 with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours. In 1983, he was drawn to Calgary by its dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit and chose to practice corporate law with Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer, a Calgary based law firm. Within four years he was a partner, but decided to take a risk and leave at the age of 28 to pursue his true interest: business.

Mr. Edwards is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Canadian history with a wide range of business interests including oil and natural gas, energy services, mining, aerospace, ski resorts, and NHL hockey, as Chairman and one of the co-owners of the National Hockey League’s Calgary Flames. He has built and revitalized enterprises that today support over 25,000 direct employees and tens of thousands of indirect employees, and have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes, royalties and community investments throughout Canada. In addition Murray has been a leader in embracing and implementing corporate social responsibility within his business enterprises and has a strong record of community service.

Murray is known for initially taking large equity positions in his companies and foregoing cash compensation for his various Board roles. He then works to boost share prices – a trait that has endeared him to legions of shareholders.

His commitment to public policy development includes membership, current or past, on the board of directors of the Canada West Foundation, the CD Howe Institute, the Banff Centre and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

He is quietly one of the leading philanthropists in Calgary with support ranging from literacy efforts, the Calgary Children’s Initiative, the Calgary United Way, and the Haskayne School of Business. His generosity of spirit, described as being of the “practical kind” has benefited society through numerous contributions to Canadian education, health, social, artistic, and cultural issues.

In 2007 Mr. Edwards was named one of the University of Saskatchewan’s 100 Alumni of Influence, and in 1999 was named one of Time Magazine’s Canada’s Leaders for the 21st century. Mr. Edwards holds Honorary Doctors of Laws from the University of Calgary and the University of Saskatchewan.

Edwards has a keen interest in the political and economic development of the country and the province in which he resides. He enjoys skiing, golfing, travelling, playing with his dog, scuba diving and reading about current world events. He is married to Heather Bala Edwards and they have a son, Adam and a wonderful Wheaton Terrier called “Poppy”.

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Stewart Hanlon

Stewart Hanlon was born on April 18, 1960 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He attended high school in Swift Current at the Comprehensive High School and went on to earn his Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Accounting) from the University of Saskatchewan in 1984 the same University and program that his father had completed some years before.   Stew was admitted to Saskatchewan Institute of Chartered Accountants in 1989 and ICAA (Alberta) in 1990. Stew articled with Clarkson Gordon (now Ernst & Young) in Saskatoon and worked with E&Y on the Management Consulting side in Calgary prior to joining Gibsons Energy in 1991. To the casual observer, it may appear as though Stew was led down the same academic and career path as his father, Ted Hanlon, who is also a Saskatchewan Oil Patch Hall of Famer.   Although the oil services business was in his family, the path Stew took was not by design. Stew had his sights set on becoming a rock star and was originally enrolled in Music at the University of Saskatchewan.  But fate intervened and here he is, the CEO of Gibson Energy.  Stew Hanlon is a success story who has worked to drive another success story. Gibson Energy started midstream services 60 years ago in 1953; the company built terminals at Hardisty and Edmonton in 1957 and 1961 respectively.  The truck transportation fleet was started with two crude oil trailers in 1965; the company now has over 1900 units hauling more than a quarter of a million bpd of energy products. Gibsons built a fractionation plant in Hardisty in 1962, and receives trucked NGL from small gas plants to provide retail propane, butane and diluent to local markets.


Acquisitions have helped grow the company and in 1990, Canwest Propane was acquired to provide synergies for transportation and retail distribution  The Moose Jaw refinery was acquired in 2002…this Gibson affiliate is a leading provider of road asphalt, wellsite fluids and roofing flux for the entire North American market. Stew has been CEO of Gibson Energy since 2009.   He became CEO when Gibson was sold (after being a private sub of Hunting PLC for 55 years) to Riverstone LLC, a Private Equity firm based in New York City.  During the 2 years that Riverstone owned Gibsons and under Stew’s leadership, the enterprise value of the company grew, setting GIbsons up for a successful IPO in June of 2011.   The stock price on the IPO was $16.  In the ensuing two-year period, the company has grown rapidly and today  trades near $27 with an enterprise value just shy of $4 Billion.  A true success story and another story that involves one of our own at the helm of a thriving company. Stew is delighted to see Saskatchewan boom. With Gibson’s investment in the Moose Jaw refinery, they were able to turn it from a seasonal operation into a year round operation. Gibson bought trucking companies to SE Saskatchewan and propane companies near Shaunavon and provides services required in this thriving economy.


Under Stew’s leadership, Gibsons has strengthened it’s culture of inclusion, bringing together people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and expertise.  Gibsons is committed to creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone plays and equally important role in the operations.  Employee advancement within the organization is encouraged and employees are encouraged to enhance their skills and grow their careers within Gibsons.  Work life balance is encouraged and employees are encouraged to volunteer in their communities.    Gibsons is a people-cemtered company that works to help customers obtain long term value.   Marketing, transportation, terminalizing, pipelining, processing, and environmental services…all part of the Gibsons offering.  The Gibson motto is INTERACT…I stands for Integrity,  N for Innovation (OK so Stew went to school in Swift Current), T is for Teamwork, E for Excellence, R for Respect, A for Accountability, C for Compassion and T for Transparency.  And INTERACT is what Gibsons does…with their customers, with their suppliers, with their staff and with their communities. But Stew isn’t ALL about business…he is also about family and about community.  And that has been the history of the Hanlon family.  I am from Swift Current too and when you move around the community,  you cannot help but see how strongly the Hanlon family has supported that community.   The Hanlon wing of the new hospital is a testament to the philanthropic mindset of this family.  And of course, beyond Swift Current, the family has also contributed significantly to the Edwards School of Business at the University of Saskatchewan, named after our first honouree here today of course. Stew is married to Dianne, a good Saskatchewan girl, and they have 3 children.  I had hoped that Dianne would be here today so we could introduce her but she was unable to attend.  Stew brought his father though and so we have two generations of fabulous Saskatchewan leaders from the same family here at our celebration…both Ted and Stew. 


So Stew, you left music and followed your Dad’s path into business, but you still turned into a Rock Star….congratulations on your tremendous leadership and congratulations on your nomination to the Saskatchewan Oil Patch Hall of Fame….Two Hanlons’ from Swift Current…Makes me proud to be a Swifty.

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Hank Swartout

Hank was born in 1951 and raised in Melfort, Saskatchewan.  After graduating high school from St. Peter’s College in Muenster, Saskatchewan, Hank moved to Calgary in 1971 and the following year he completed the Petroleum program at Calgary’s Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.   He then attended the University of Wyoming and graduated with Honors in Petroleum Engineering in 1977.


Hank returned to Calgary in 1978 and joined Nabors Drilling to build rigs for use in Alberta and Alaska. He then moved to Edmonton in 1981 to manage the rig design and construction business of Dreco Energy Services Ltd. delivering drilling rigs to clients for use in 48 Southern states, Canada, Alaska, and overseas. 


In 1985, Hank went into business for himself in Calgary and purchased an interest in Cypress Drilling which only had 3 drilling rigs and 20 employees.  In 1987 Cypress acquired the drilling assets of Precision Drilling Ltd.  As the Executive Chairman and founder of Precision Drilling (1987) Ltd., Hank was able to direct and lead Precision Drilling into becoming one of the largest Oilfield Service Companies in the world with over 15,000 employees and working in 34 countries.  Hank retired from Precision Drilling in August of 2007 and he continues to be active in small private oil and gas companies. Hank continues to be a leader and mentor in the oil and gas industry. 


Hank resides in Calgary, Alberta Canada with his wife, Carol and together they have 4 children and six grandchildren. 

Hank Swartout.JPG

Craig Lothian

Mr. Lothian is an active investor and successful entrepreneur. He is currently President and Chief Executive Office of both Keystone Royalty Corp. and Lex Capital Management, and Executive Chair of Villanova 4 Oil Corp. In addition, he currently sits on the Board of LightStream Resources Ltd. (formerly PetroBakken), together with the Boards of Smart Completions Ltd. And Millenium Stimulation Services Ltd.

Mr. Lothian has founded or co-founded a series of successful SE Sask. oil companies:

  • CEO of Flatland Exploration Ltd. Acquired by Bulldog Energy Inc. in October 2002 ($4.8 Million);

  • President & CEO of Keystone Energy Inc. acquired by StarPoint Energy Ltd. In October 2004 ($21.9 Million);

  • President & CEO of Keystone Energy Corp. acquired by Bulldog Resources Inc. and TriStar Oil & Gas Ltd. In January 2007 ($34.0 Million);

  • President & CEO of Villanova Energy Corp. acquired by Crescent Point Energy Trust in January 2009 ($130.1 Million);

  • Executive chair of Villanova Resources Inc. acquired by Legacy Oil + Gas Inc. in May 2010 ($115.0 Million);

  • Executive Chair of Villanova Oil Corp. which was also acquired by Legacy Oil + Gas in April 2013 (127.0 Million)

In addition, Mr. Lothian was also the Chairman of Bulldog Energy Inc. prior to its acquisition by Crescent Point Energy Trust in 2005 ($118.0 Million) and of Bulldog Resources Inc., before it was acquired by TriStar Oil & Gas Ltd. in January 2008 ($200.0 Million).

Mr. Lothian is originally from Carlyle, SK and obtained his B.A. (1986) and LL.B. (1988) from the University of Saskatchewan and rose to partnership of a Regina law firm prior to entering the energy business. Mr. Lothian is also a founder and director of Lex Capital Corp., Lex Realty Holdings Inc., Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar Inc. In addition, he is a Past President of The Assiniboia Club, a Past Board Member of The Hospitals of Regina Foundation, and one of the founding Directors of Enterprise Saskatchewan. Besides being a past Board Member of Regina Health he has been involved in numerous fundraising initiatives in the health care field. Craig spearheaded a fundraising effort within the Keystone Companies to raise 1 Million dollars for the Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon.

In addition to his continuing role with Villanova 4 Oil Corp., he continues to be extremely active in the Saskatchewan energy sector both as CEO of Keystone Royalty Corp. and as the CEO of Lex Capital Management Inc. Keystone is one of the largest privately-held mineral title owners in the province, with interests in approximately 290,000 gross acres of mineral title predominantly located in SE Sask. Keystone had in excess of $14 Million in revenue in 2012. Lex Capital Management has now raised approximately $150 Million in its first three private equity funds focused on the energy sector. The Lex Funds have invested over $95 Million to date in 22 different E&P and service companies. Craig and his wife Pamela have made Regina their home for the past 25 years. They have 2 daughters, Kelsey and Jasmine, both of whom are currently attending university in the province.


Cliff Nankivell

Clifford James Nankivell was born Nov. 12/1932 , third son of William & Eileen Nankivell. He came from a family of seven siblings & lived in the Arrow River & Crandall Manitoba area.  Like most families back then, they were farmers on a small scale. It was here that Cliff learned the concept of pride in your possessions such as his beautiful team of horses & later the older family cars that he drove his parents around in. He always felt that pride in your work & a little elbow grease could take you far.


Cliff married Joanna Souter on June 17th/1955 & they struck out to start farming on their own.  Their son Kalvin was born April 7th, 1956. That year the farming was disasterous  in the area  wide spread as the aphids moved in and ate all the barley crops.  Cliff was totally wiped out of farming.  His life long dream of running his own farm was shattered but not to be disillusioned , he dusted himself off & looked for greener pastures. 


With a young family to care for Cliff knew he needed to find a new line of work. Jan. 1st ,1957 he started driving truck for Bill Van Buskirk leased on with Les Parcels Trucking in Alida , Sk.   This was quite a large company at that time with 35 50 bbl trucks serving the area of Alida,Carnduff & Storthoaks.   The hours were long & the lease roads were virtually non-exsistent, just goat trails. So when the rains came, the roads were impassable.  Life in the camps was not all that easy for the families either. Water had to be hauled in  & the trailers were small & crowded.  Joanna stated that living under these conditions built character  & many of the people they worked along side were quite the characters themselves. Cliff’s mother-in-law stated at one time, that they should put a motor on these little trailers & drive them to the next camp instead of having to pull them around.  Little did she know that motorhomes would be all the rage in the next 10-20 years.


In 1959 the oilfield patch around Alida & Carnduff  really started to boom & more & more oil companies & trucking companies started to spring up. Cliff moved to Carnduff to work for Bergman & Garvey to find greener pastures. Their daughter Claudia was born March 14th,1960 which completed their family.

The oil patch was progressively getting more modernized with trucks, leases, roads  & lots of new drilling. 1961 Bergman & Garvey sold out  & Cliff  started working for R.E. Line Trucking out of Alida.  Richard Line was a mentor to Cliff  in many ways , instilling in him a fine appreciation for his role in this company & giving him good business lessons.   The family moved out to an abandoned service station just outside Carnduff called “Short Stop Service” where Les & Mary Laird the truck push lived. This arrangement grew into an adopted family scenario. As anyone that has grown up in the patch knows , the long hours spent working together, makes a family bond that travels with you every where you go.  Cliff ‘s hours were still long & family life was very limited. He would be gone in the morning before the kids awoke & in at night after they were asleep. This made Joanna’s job as a parent very stressful & trying at times but everyone was in the same position, so you made do & made the most of times spent together.  They were simple times but everyone always came together for fun times.   In 1962 Cliff was asked to drive for Dempsey Laird in Halbrite , one of R.E. Lines field shops. He moved the family there for 9 months & then moved back to Carnduff for another 6 years. 


1969 Cliff got his break & chance for  advancement when R.E. Line asked him to move to Kisbey to manage that trucking field office.   This was a big step for him, for he had always been the employee , never the boss.  Cliff picked up the challenge & with Joanna at his side to run the office, they headed out on this new adventure. When they first started they had 2 trucks to push.  The days were still long but Cliff was finding more time to be involved with his family & his new community.   As the years passed the oil industry in the area flourished & so did the company, with local drivers being the back bone of the company.   1978 Cliff bought out his share of R.E. Line Trucking business in Kisbey  & Cliff Nankivell Trucking Ltd. Was incorporated.  This was a major accomplishment in Cliff’s life & the family was determined to pull together as a team to make it succeed.   Kalvin had been driving for the company already since 1974 & the father & son team were determined to keep Cliff Nankivell Trucking renowned

for trustworthy service.  “You Call-We Haul” was the motto used to promote the company service. In 1982 Kathy, Kalvin’s wife starting helping out in the office & in 1985 Claudia moved home to manage the office. So it was indeed a family business.


Since the inception of the company , the trucking services, products, & production hauling areas all have expanded. From small International R 1 90’s  body trucks to quads & triaxle trailers today. With all the changes along the way, Cliff was always mindful of giving the best service & never forgetting his grass roots.   He feels that running a family business is like running the family farm, there is a lot of pride & love in what you do together to accomplish your goals & dreams. 


With the company expansion, Cliff was able to take part in community affairs. He has been a proud Elks member since moving to Kisbey, alderman on Village Council for 25 + yrs, recently elected Mayor in 2010,local church board, Senior Hall Board & Watershed Committee.  In the early 90s Cliff acquired the Herb Elmy farm , south of Kisbey.   It was refreshing to get back to the grass roots of farming again.  Cliff was always excited to get the seed in the ground & a sense of accomplishment when the crop came off in the fall.  Cliff & Joanna worked as a team just like the trucking company to make a go of it.  Lunch in the field was a welcome treat with reminiscing of their younger years as newlywed young farmers in Manitoba.  Due to health problems in 2001/2002 Cliff had to turn the farming of the land to Brigden Farms of Kisbey but is still eager to see machinery working in the fields during the seeding & harvest seasons. 



Cliff Retired from the company in 2002 but still keeps a keen interest in the working of the company  as Kalvin & Claudia took over the leadership roles.  He feels that it has been a privilege to work along side a host of fellow oil patch workers.  The memories & friendships will carry him a life time. Some say it is  a “Rags to Riches” story but he feels it is a journey of “Grainfields to Oilfields”.. Never forget where you came from….

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