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- 1999 -

William C. (Bill) Hay

Bill Hay was born in 1935 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. After spending his high school years in Regina and later back in Saskatoon for two years of University, Bill headed south to Colorado Springs where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Geology.

He was a good geologist but he was an even better hockey player and in 1958 he was drafted to play in the NHL for the Chicago Blackhawks, with whom he had a 10-year career.

During the 10 years with Chicago, Bill played professional hockey in the winter and in the summer held down with Imperial Oil in their exploration department as a geologist.

After his hockey career, he went on to hold various management positions with Bow Valley in their drilling divisions. He quickly rose through the ranks in his second career as a geologist and in 1981 became the Senior Vice President of Bow Valley Resource Services Ltd. Bill’s contribution at Bow Valley is the stuff of legends as the company grew into a world-class operation under his guidance and the guidance of some other famous Saskatchewan oilmen – The Seaman brothers.

Since the beginning of 1990, Bill Hay has been involved in his first love and has been the President of Hockey Canada, President, and CEO of the Calgary Flames, Planning Advisor to the Canadian Hockey Association and today serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive officer of the National Hockey Hall of Fame.


Joseph Badyk

Gordon Schnell, a native of Estevan, Saskatchewan began his 42-year career with Continental Emsco in Estevan in 1956. After his initial assignments in Estevan, stops in Taber and Drayton Valley as store manager provided valuable experience before moving to Calgary in 1973, where his assignments included Manager of Sub-Surface Products and Manager of Store Operations. His career culminated in ten years as President and Chief Operation Officer of Continental Emsco.

Gordon’s ability to work with people in a fair and honest manner along with his commitment has seen him through good times and bad, company name changes, mergers, and requisite transfers.

Gordon’s determination to maintain strong financial results during industry down periods and his openness to restructuring and re-engineering led to his involvement in several industry associations, particularly, the Petroleum Services Association of Canada. The Oilmen’s International provided an opportunity for co-operation and sharing of his vision for the industry as well as providing camaraderie and competition on the playing field or the golf course.

His dedication to the community led to his involvement in numerous organizations focused on youth, ecology, the arts, and recreation. These included Camp Cadicasu, Fish and Game Wildlife Association, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and Pinebrook Golf and Country Club.

Gordon retired from CE Franklin in December 1997, but this was not the end of his career with the Continental Emsco organization. His next move was international where he spent the following year as a consultant with Continental Emsco in Houston, Texas. He continued to serve on the board of directors of CE Franklin and was involved in an advisory capacity with Samson Services Ltd. in Aberdeen, Scotland.


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