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- 2021 -

Reg Greenslade

Reg grew up in Shaunavon, where his father ran Greenslade's Welding and Construction in the oilfield. Reg started working in the business by sweeping floors and went on to study mechanical engineering at Montana State University in Bozeman. After graduation, he worked for SaskOil in Regina, Kindersley, and Lloydminster. Reg had the opportunity to work in production engineering, reservoir engineering, and project management, and even gained field experience in Coleville and Lloydminster.

In 1995, Reg started his own company, Big Horn Resources, which grew from 6 barrels a day to 1000 barrels per day and eventually became Enterra Energy Corp. Reg served as the chairman, president, and CEO of JED Oil Inc. and later returned to Enterra as interim president and CEO until June 2005. During his tenure, Enterra grew to a market capitalization of over $1 billion and listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges.

Reg was also a founder and director of several companies including Tuscany International Drilling Inc., Spartan Exploration Ltd., Spartan Energy Corp., JMG Exploration Inc., and others. He currently serves as a director of Andora Energy Corporation, Grandview Exploration Inc., New Wave Energy Services Ltd., Fountain Tire, Longshore Resources Ltd., Allied Energy Corp., Spartan Delta Corp., and Cleantek Industries Inc.


Greg Scott

Gregg Scott was raised in Plunkett, Saskatchewan and later moved to Saskatoon with his family. He entered the oil and gas industry in 1981 with no prior experience and secured a job with a land services company run by Norm McKenzie through a referral from Ed Molnar, an oilman he had never met. Scott's early career was spent in southeast Saskatchewan where he was involved in a 1 million acre freehold lease play. At the time, there was low confidence in the oil and gas industry due to a long period of inactivity in the region, but Scott's arrival coincided with a change in government that renewed activity in the industry.


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